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Director of Human Resources

Hilton Austin Airport
Austin, TX


Hilton Austin Airport is looking for hospitality minded people interested in making a difference in Hotel Human Resources. The responsibilities of the Director of Human Resources include, but are not limited to:


Recruitment and On-boarding:

· Place on-line ads on Indeed.com and other various sites for job openings, as necessary.

· Plan and execute job fairs, if necessary.

· Interview all applicants for both line and management positions and offer recommendations.

· Ensure at least 2 professional references are included for every new hire.

· Ensure all hires are made “contingent” upon successful background checks.

· Maintains job descriptions.

· Complete filing of work permits, if applicable.

· Ensure that all potential associates receive job descriptions during part of the recruitment process.

· Ensure that all management offer letters, resumes and job descriptions are sent to the Corporate Director of HR for approval before extending the offer.

· On board new hires on first day of hire with regards to new hire paperwork, handbook review and tour of the hotel. Schedule new managers to spend 30 – 60 minutes with each department head.

· Implement new hire orientation program every month (as needed) including Prospera PowerPoint and handbook, sexual harassment video, safety videos as well as any Brand videos.

· Enters all new hires in payroll as well as makes changes with regards to direct deposit, address, tax and rate changes, and terminations.

· Answer employee questions with regards to paychecks: vacation, deductions, hours, rate etc.

Benefits and Wages:

· Complete and maintain current records on a competitive wage and benefit survey for all hotel positions.

· Review insurance program with all full-time employees upon hire and ensure they make their elections within the first 30 days of hire.

· Monitor annual performance reviews and status change forms.


· Identify and coordinate outside training sources which address the hotel’s training needs.

· Identify certified personnel for training on CPR and other health awareness topics. Schedule and maintain current records on certified hotel personnel.

· Maintain RAMP training certificates.

· Maintains QA binder and certificates.

Associate Personal Files:

· Maintain confidentiality and security of associates and hotel records.

· Maintain new hire paperwork and I9 binders.

· Coordinate associate requests, ensuring authorized approvals and paperwork on:

a) Leave of Absence – FMLA or Personal (notify and copy the Corporate Director of HR)

b) Transfers

c) Personal Days

d) Bereavement Time

e) 401(k)

f) Vacation

g) Hotel or Company Travel Discounts

Associate Relations:

· Attend stand ups for each department at least once a week.

· Assist in the development and coordination of associate incentive and recognition programs.

· Maintain Federal/State Compliance posters.

· Support the Ethics Point program and ensure the posters are located for associates to access.

· Administers and monitors Prospera’s Core Associate Recognition Program including:

a) Associate of the month or quarter – certificate, plaque, cash

b) Manager of the quarter – certificate, plaque, cash

c) Associate and Manager of the year – certificate, plaque, cash

d) Monthly Birthday celebration – cake, luncheon

e) Quarterly All Associate Rallies – snacks, EC presentations

f) Holiday Celebration –Associate/Manager of the year, EC presentations, holiday dinner

g) Newsletter – daily, monthly, quarterly

h) Bulletin Board – pictures of award winners, GSS, newsletter, etc.

i) Cards (flowers) – anniversary, birth, death, weddings, hospitalization

j) Hotel Anniversary – donuts, cookies, coffee etc.

Optional Recognition Programs:

· Misc. Awards – Department of the Quarter/Year, Best Customer Service, Team Player, Leadership etc.

· Seasonal celebrations - Mother’s Day/Father’s Day, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, Summer picnic

· Associate Appreciation Week

· Housekeeping Week

· Guest Comment Cards

Accidents/Workers Compensation:

· Acts as point of contact for all associate accidents that take place at the workplace.

· Ensures all associates injured during the course of employment are sent for drug testing if there is reasonable suspicion.

· Investigate, complete documentation and coordinate worker's compensation, ensuring entitlement of payments.

· Establish relationships with local emergency care facilities and follow up on each use of the facility by the hotel.

Corporate and State/Federal Reports:

· Prepare and send turnover monthly reports.

· Quarterly and yearly AOS Plans and Actions

· EEO1

· OSHA 300

Committees/Community Service:

· Assist the Chief Engineer with safety committee meetings and activities.

· Participate on Guest/Employee Relations committee.

· Participate in community service events.


· Implement the Associate Opinion Survey once per year and assist Executive Committee interpret results and address deficiencies.

· Submit all AOS Plans and Action reports to the Corporate Director of Human Resources for review and approval.

· Conduct quarterly AOS meetings to review progress of Plans and Actions.

Disciplinary Documentation:

· When necessary and in conjunction with the department manager, conduct counseling sessions with associates. If formal disciplinary documentation is not necessary, must at least note the file of the conversation.

· Ensure disciplinary documentation is issues within 24 hours of the infraction and signatures from the department manager, HR and associate. If the associate refuses to sign, obtain the witness signature and note “refused” on the associate’s signature line.

· Suspend all associates prior to termination and submit to the Corporate Director of Human Resources for approval.


· Prepare associate separation notices and related documentation as needed.

· Ensures all resigning associates complete an exit interview and review with Department Heads/GM.

· Terminate the associate in payroll within 24 hours of the date of termination.

· Processes claims for Unemployment compensation.


  • College degree in Human Resources or related field preferred.
  • Bilingual a plus.
  • Union experience preferred.
  • Minimum two years Hotel Human Resources experience (Admin., Benefits, Recruitment, Training).
  • Must possess excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

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