The Long View

The Long View

Accruing decades of experience served us well while helping build an independent hotel management company into a corporate giant. After weathering multiple mergers, IPOs and acquisitions, we vowed to hold true to the values of long-term relationships – not transactional ones.

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fueled by balance

Fueled by Balance

In 2002, Prospera Hospitality, fueled by balance, was born from that desire to seize the opportunities of long-term relationships over transactional relationships. We believe that where one invests time is where one’s values are – and client choice illustrates this. When we began to manage our first property, originally a Ramada Inn in downtown Pittsburgh, PA, we transitioned it into a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Suites.

Within our first year of business, we received the prestigious Hilton CARE Cup Award, unheard of for a first-year hotel, let alone one managed by a new, small independent start-up.

Who We Want to Be

Our first property set the tone for who we wanted to be: committed to quality, recognizing what’s broken, rebuilding it into a valuable asset and working closely with our clients and team to turn things around.

Our Approach

20 years in

A Balanced Approach

A balanced approach is rare for a company our size. Today, 20 years after our founding, we continue to nurture a sustainable portfolio, which is only possible by cultivating business and partner relationships with the long-term and flexible view in mind.

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