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Full-service restaurant management or as-needed financial, menu or HR services

restaurant management services

As a restaurant management company, our seasoned team of food and beverage professionals focus on day-to-day operations, ensuring the ultimate experience in guest service and operations. 

Prospera's restaurant management group offers streamlined financial reporting and revenue management, as well as processes for adding to-go operations, scaling back menus, or making other market-necessary adjustments.

For new restaurants, Prospera's restaurant concept development services span across many different categories, including market research, target audience formulation, and niche definition, often inspired by guest feedback and the local community. We’ll coordinate interior design, as well as cuisine, menu, and beverage program development at various service levels. Whether it be fine-dining, upscale casual or family casual, our experience in restaurant openings, manager selection, and staff training promote efficiency and financial profitability for new developments. Proven processes and procedures ensure daily proficiency, and forward-thinking planning ensures continued success.

Menu and beverage programs are designed with guests in mind. With a range of menu styles from traditional to trendy or corporate-assigned to farm-to-table. Prospera’s culinary team helps create processes for execution, efficiency, and profitability. Our beverage programs keep up with current trends while ensuring proper execution of the classics. Our teams’ competence in ordering, inventory procedures, cost controls, vendor relationships, and customer-centricity equal positive results for owners.

experts in restaurant operations 

Prospera Hospitality's restaurant management group is experienced in a variety of restaurant operations, including:

  • Independent, freestanding restaurants
  • Franchised restaurants
  • Beverage program and food menu development with a range of styles including gourmet, ethnic, comfort, locally-sourced, vegetarian, and vegan
  • Ordering & inventory procedure supervision
  • Service guidelines and training
  • Banquet and catering execution
  • Vendor and group purchasing guidance
  • Food safety and proper alcohol service direction

what sets our team apart

Our talented team of experienced restaurant management professionals has a proven record of food service success. Each of our team members specializes in specific areas of culinary expertise and food and beverage management.

As operators and owners ourselves, the experiences we have undertaken continue to shape the strategies we offer. What is clear is that no two restaurants are the same. With that in mind, we work with you to evaluate your business to gain a full understanding of your restaurant management needs. We have the team to develop a specifically catered strategy that fits your needs.    

Let our team guide you to proven results.   

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