Hotel Management Company

A Hotel Management Company for Today’s Hospitality Climate

Prospera Hospitality is uniquely positioned to provide the kind of hotel management partnership required by hotels in today’s uncertain industry. Whether you need a long-term, full-time hotel management company or a short-term, immediate co-manager for your property, Prospera has the experience, resources and nimble attitude to meet your needs and position your property or brand for success.


Simplified fees and contracts

Due to the amount of uncertainty in today’s travel industry, making long-term decisions can potentially pose significant risks. Prospera has pivoted to totally remove the risk of choosing a Hotel Management Company by offering the following:

  • A simplified management contract
  • The predictability of a flat management fee or a traditional percentage of revenue fee
  • A 30-day out clause without penalty
  • A month-to-month management term Institutional-grade financial reporting
  • The option to have a co-management operating style designed for active asset managers, or a full-service hotel management partner

Prospera offers the speed and efficiency of an entrepreneurial-style management company with the experience and predictability of the largest management companies in the industry.

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