Hotel Restaurant Management



  • Hotel bars and restaurants
  • Resort bars and restaurants
  • Banquet and catering departments
  • In-room dining operations
  • Grab 'n go markets

Most hotels function also as restaurants, with properties including bars, clubs, event catering, room service, and business meals. Thus, hotel restaurant management can become very complicated indeed. Prospera Hospitality knows the challenges of managing various hospitality properties, and we bring our expertise and best practices to offer various hotel restaurant management services.

Hotel Food and Beverage

From creative concepts to day-to-day operations to handling new owners or new markets, Prospera Hospitality provides food-and-beverage management services for a range of hotels and resorts. We approach each operation with the mindset of the independent restaurateur accompanied by seasoned hotel restaurant process management. Concept development and design of hotel restaurants and dining facilities, kitchen operations, bars and lounges and convenience markets are all within Prospera’s purview.

As the industry has shifted over the years, Prospera Hospitality is poised to help launch new, more affordable concepts, scale down (or scale up!) operations, reduce expenses, and improve profitability in hotel restaurants. From streamlining accounting to updating menus, we can help your hotel restaurant adjust to economic changes or any other challenges facing your business.

Proven Success 

With a strong focus on the guest experience, our multi-disciplined team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to cultivate profitable menu, beverage and catering programs. Through proven processes backed by an experienced restaurant accounting team, we focus intently on cost controls while ensuring guest satisfaction. From business plans, proformas, and pre-opening budgets through daily procedures and forecasting, we maintain operational efficiency for our hotels and owners.

An aggressive marketing plan is a key contributor to the success of our food-and-beverage outlets, driving revenue and awareness for hotel guests and locals alike. And by encouraging community involvement, we leverage our ability to share and give to our local partners.

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