Introducing Prospera Health and Hospitality Services

Introducing Prospera Health and Hospitality Services
March 18th 2020

The hospitality industry is ever-evolving, and with new challenges regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, needs have shifted yet again. Closing hotels and restaurants affects more than just our guests: it hurts our hospitality family. Thus, Prospera was eager to find a solution to keep our hospitality partners running, without sacrificing safety. Introducing: Prospera Health and Hospitality Services.

A creative solution to unprecedented times

Combining the hotel management experience of our president and CEO, Kevin Kilkeary, with the medical background of his son and Prospera Hospitality’s corporate director of operations, Kevin Kilkeary Jr., Prospera Health & Hospitality Services was created to respond to the unprecedented challenges facing the hospitality industry.


Offering COVID-era consulting services

PHHS is more than just a safe path forward. We are building environments that can endure future health challenges and provide a sense of financial security for hotel and restaurant employees. At PHHS, we understand that hospitality businesses are about the people they serve and the communities where they are built.

Prospera Health and Hospitality Services offers products and consultations to ensure the health and safety of your staff as well as your guests. Our innovative product line includes UV devices that clean payment terminals in between uses, robots that deliver room service and support restaurant staff, antiviral bedding to protect guests and properties, and much more. PHHS was brought to life with the hospitality industry in mind, making sure each product meets the different needs of the industry.

As a sister company to Prospera Hospitality, PHHS has the knowledge and expertise to revolutionize how guests think about hospitality. By offering personalized consultation services and a comprehensive product line, PHHS is uniquely positioned to help hotels and restaurants achieve medical-grade cleanliness, improve contactless operations, and operate safely—without sacrificing quality or comfort.

Learn about how PHHS is innovating and improving the hospitality industry on the Prospera Health website.


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