Service robots deliver food and goods and improve efficiency

Robots serve Ohio restaurant and hotel

December 1, 2021

Robots serve Ohio restaurant and hotel

At the Best Western Plus Franciscan Square Inn and Suites and the Bennigan’s in Steubenville, Ohio, guests are now being served by robots, in a pilot program launched by our sister company, Prospera Health & Hospitality Services.

At the Franciscan Square Inn, Richie and Tugs robots respond to room service requests, bringing guests goods from the market shop, extra towels, pillows and more. Guests place orders on their phones for room service, staff fill up the robots, and then the robots navigate elevators, hallways and doors to deliver items to each room. This service frees up hotel staff from making rote deliveries, and it allows guests to have completely contact-free services.

At Bennigan’s, the Matradee robot brings diners their food orders and takes away dirty dishes. The robot’s sensors help it navigate around tables and walls, avoiding obstacles and smoothly carrying plates. By performing basic delivery tasks, the robot frees waitstaff to take orders and respond to diners’ personal needs.

Robots work for hotels, restaurants and guests

Prospera supported the robot pilot program to show hotels and restaurants of all sizes and styles how robots can improve efficiencies and delight guests. PHHS also provides robots that can perform cleaning tasks, including full UV-cleaning of rooms.

Prospera Hospitality understands the needs of hotels and restaurants to continue to offer quality guest experiences while handling the challenges of limited staff and increased cleanliness. Service robots help meet these challenges, delighting guests as they support staff and improve hygiene. Robots like these in Ohio are laying the groundwork for future hospitality innovations.

Is your property ready to innovate? Contact Prospera Hospitality today to learn more about adding service robots to your hotel, resort or restaurant property.

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