Premium Select-Service Hotels Benefit from Smart Hotel AI

Premium Select-Service Hotels Benefit from Smart Hotel AI
August 18th 2022

Premium select-service hotels benefit from smart hotel AI

Premium select-service hotel properties are often pulled in two challenging directions: operate full-service restaurants and meeting spaces while keeping costs low to attract budget-minded guests. To accomplish this balance, properties must prioritize efficiency and use staff wisely. 

One key way to provide extended services while keeping costs low is to become a smart hotel. Smart hotels incorporate AI and robotics to improve operations, assist staff, and delight guests. Adding even one robot can make your smart hotel run more efficiently to meet the needs of guests without overtaxing staff.

AI robots clean, deliver supplies, and more

Prospera Hospitality has partnered with hotel brands such as DoubleTree by Hilton and Hilton Garden Inn to turn them into smart hotels: ones with need-specific AI or UV robots improving efficiency and cleanliness. To these and similar properties, Prospera Hospitality offers:

  • Vacuum robots 
  • Robots that clean windows
  • Pool-cleaning robots
  • UV-sanitizing robots that can clean rooms or lobbies in just a few minutes
  • Small UV devices that can disinfect handheld devices, keyboards, screens and more
  • Delivery robots that can take linens and supplies to rooms, self-navigating with ease—allowing guests to make and receive contactless room service

AI robots service restaurants and improve room service

Prospera Hospitality’s AI robots are even equipped to service hotel restaurants and bars. Guests are delighted by the ease and efficiency of food-delivery robots that bring items to their tables, navigating around tables and through doors. Robots also add smart solutions for room service. Guests can make contactless requests for food or supplies in their rooms, and then receive prompt, hygienic service from a sleek and stylish robot. 

Smart hotels see multiple benefits

The benefits of becoming a smart hotel are significant: 

  • Staff members are happier that their rote (sometimes risky) tasks have been eliminated
  • Guests are delighted to see advanced technology at work
  • Cleanliness is improved by advanced technology
  • Efficiency of staff is improved through removal of repetitive tasks
  • And more

Robots work for premium select-service hotels and guests

Prospera Hospitality understands the needs of hotels and restaurants to continue to offer quality guest experiences while handling the challenges of limited staff and increased cleanliness. Service robots help meet these challenges at premium hotel properties, delighting guests as they support staff and improve hygiene. 

Is your property ready to innovate into a smart hotel? Contact Prospera Hospitality today to learn more about adding service robots to your hotel property.

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