Product Demonstrations in Texas

Product Demonstrations in Texas
June 1st 2021

Our sister company Prospera Health & Hospitality Services hosted a live product demonstration in Austin, Texas, in May. The event was held at the Austin Hotel & Lodging Association, where the Prospera team showcased some of the latest technology in the hospitality industry.

The Association meeting was the ideal place and time for our “Virus Mitigation Protocols and Products for the Hospitality Industry” presentation, and the turnout was great.

PHHS Product Demonstrations

The Future of Safe and Efficient Hotel Cleaning

As hotels require more thorough and frequent cleaning, but staffing shortages are increasing, Prospera was challenged to find a safe solution to clean rooms and properties faster and better. So we created PHHS to offer creative solutions to keep the hospitality industry running. We now have the tools and equipment to help mitigate risk and encourage guests and staff to return confidently.

Attendees at the conference were especially impressed by the demonstration of the RoverUV Mobile Disinfection Robot, an autonomous mobile robot that uses UV light to fully disinfect air and surfaces. The robot can disinfect an entire room with no need for staff assistance, keeping staff safe from chemicals while freeing up time to focus on other tasks.

UV Cleaning Devices

Surprise Guests with Unique, Safe & Fast Service

Beyond cleaning robots and equipment, PHHS also showed the future of hotel and restaurant staffing with additional robotics. Robots like the Matradee food service robot can take orders from guests, deliver food to tables, and take dirty dishes back to the kitchen. Other robots, such as the Richie Delivery Robot, can provide room service and other deliveries and also assists with check-in and check-out.

For hotels and restaurants suffering from staffing shortages or just eager to delight guests with new innovations, hospitality robotics are the next big thing in this industry.

Hospitality Robots

Interested in Attending Our Product Demonstrations?

If you are interested in learning more about PHHS’s full product line, including consultations, equipment and robotics, we’ll be hosting additional live product demonstrations in the future. Stay tuned for updates or contact us directly to see when we will be in your area. To learn more and secure your invitation, contact Kevin Kilkeary, Jr, President, at

Learn more about how our sister company PHHS can help your hotel implement technology to take service and cleanliness to the next level!

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