Introducing Robotics to the Hospitality Industry with PHHS

Introducing Robotics to the Hospitality Industry with PHHS
March 1st 2021

With continuous changes in the needs of the hospitality industry and its consumers, it is important to stay on top of new technologies and developments. Prospera has become increasingly interested in improving cleanliness while tackling staffing shortages. Together with our sister company Prospera Health and Hospitality Services, Prospera Hospitality employs robots to lend a helping hand.

Robotics and Technology


Reshaping the Hotel Industry with New Cleaning Technology

PHHS offers a great product line that helps hotels obtain maximum cleanliness, without increasing the workload of employees. Disinfection tools can be strategically placed throughout a hotel in order to achieve medical-grade cleanliness and maximum efficiency without sacrificing quality or comfort. And, if someone does end up spilling something, you can count on the Dust-E cleaning and disinfection robot to take care of it.

Disinfection Robots


Food Delivery Robots in the Hospitality Industry

Room service robots take guest service to the next level. They can take orders and bring deliveries while autonomously navigating through your hotel. Besides being very effective in hotels, autonomous robots can also greatly benefit restaurants, bars and other hospitality entities. From a food service robot supporting restaurant staff to an autonomous disinfection robot, Prospera Health and Hospitality Services offers a wide range to support the hospitality industry and its workers.

Food Service Robots


New Technology Optimizes Hotel & Restaurant Efficiency

With our background in hospitality and our experience in the healthcare industry, Prospera has carefully curated a line of cleaning products and technology to help improve hotel cleanliness and keep staff and guests safe. In addition to new cleaning technology, we also offer autonomous food delivery robots, room service robots and other unique devices to help run your hotel or restaurant.

Shop our full line of products, supplies and equipment on the PHHS website, or learn more about our different industry solutions on our blog.


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