See Robots in Action

See Robots in Action
June 5th 2022

Prospera Hospitality manages all aspects of this hotel, from payment processing and accounting to the implementation of cutting-edge robotics. Together with sister company Prospera Health & Hospitality Services, they bring innovative technology and exceptional guest experiences.

How we Manage a Hotel


Using Technology to Improve Cleanliness

With this specific property so close to our hearts, Prospera Hospitality used this hotel to implement the latest technology and the coolest new gadgets. In addition to simple tools such as air purifiers and sanitation products, this hotel uses robotics to impress its hotel guests.

Various robots can be seen hard at work throughout the hotel. Our most popular ones include:


Changing the Face of Hotel Service

The hospitality industry requires constant innovation to meet cleaning and disinfection standards, employment issues, and guests’ demands and interests. Besides cleaning robots, this hotel has various waiter robots and food service robots to help serve their guests. The Mars Waiter Robot is one of our more technologically advanced models that waits on tables and greets guests.

Food service robots can autonomously navigate around restaurants, take orders, deliver food and drinks, and more. They are specifically designed for use in the restaurant and hotel industry and we love the smiles they bring to our guests’ faces.

We are also pleased about how well these robot waiters collaborate with our team. They take over more tedious chores so that our staff can focus on other important tasks, such as hospitality and interacting with guests.

Robotics Coexist with Workers

The hospitality industry has been introduced to the world of robotics as hoteliers are seeking solutions for their severe lack of staff. Although some are skeptical about working with robots, we aren’t afraid to experiment with technology. Robots have been around in various industries for many years. The goal is not to let robots take over the jobs of employees, but rather, to lighten the load of our staff and provide additional support to them.

“The truth is that robotics have already been coexisting in the workplace for quite some time, and are proving to be more of a benefit than a threat.”

- Kevin Kilkeary, Jr. President and Principal Owner of Prospera Health and Hospitality Services


Robots are here to help streamline your business and increase efficiency without putting extra work on your employees. Some of the main benefits of digitizing your business include:

  • More time to focus on quality service
  • Simplifying routine tasks
  • Improving cleanliness
  • Reducing employee workload

Interested in letting Prospera Hospitality manage your property? Give us a call to discuss your needs.

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