Offering Simplified Contracts to Hospitality Industry

Offering Simplified Contracts to Hospitality Industry
December 13th 2020

As hotels expand, the travel industry grows, and business travel becomes more important, the hospitality industry faces significant challenges.

Although it’s not possible to directly influence or change trends, it is possible to play into them and be prepared when they come. Prospera Hospitality has helped many hospitality companies thrive in unstable times via our tailored management efforts.

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Why we changed our approach

With an onslaught of new hotel supply in 2019, hotels were struggling to adapt and compete. The first reaction was to reduce operating costs. However, there are only so many cuts you can make before you start losing quality in your hotel and as an employer.

To help the hotel owners meet the shifting needs of the industry, management companies needed to offer more flexibility. Making long-term decisions in this uncertain time could be detrimental to the survival of a business. Thus, Prospera Hospitality changed its hotel management model to better serve the hospitality industry.

How our new contracts benefit our clients

Prospera has decided to totally remove the risk of choosing a hotel management company by offering:

  • simplified contracts
  • options for co-management or full-service management
  • options for flat fees or percentage revenue fees
  • month-to-month contracts
  • general easy-in, easy-out terms

Our first property set the tone for who we wanted to be: committed to quality, recognizing what’s broken, and working with our team and clients to rebuild a property into a valuable asset. Time hasn’t changed our mission, where we vowed to hold true to the values of long-term relationships – not transactional ones. This contributes to nurture a sustainable portfolio.

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Proven success with an updated management strategy

By offering flexible, easy-in, easy-out contracts, and by stepping up to help with hotel receiverships, we helped properties in all areas of management to survive and even thrive.

Prospera Hospitality adapted to meet the needs of hotels and restaurants working to stay in business, streamline operations and even find profitability during and after disruptions in the industry.

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