How Robots Can Coexist With Hospitality Workers

How Robots Can Coexist With Hospitality Workers
March 11th 2022

Can you relate to issues around staffing shortages, increased cleaning standards or meeting guest service demands? The Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh Airport Hotel boosted guest satisfaction and automated operations with hospitality and restaurant robotics. Here’s how they did it.

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Hospitality Robots Support Staff Instead of Replacing Them

The hotel struggled with a severe lack of staff and didn’t hesitate to experiment with technology to fill that gap. After implementing food service robots, delivery robots and cleaning robots into various areas of their hotel operations, they quickly learned that rather than taking over the jobs of their employees, they worked together in harmony.

Some of their hospitality robots include:

  • Delivery robot
  • Waiter robot

Having food service robots in the restaurant has significantly decreased the time spent on routine tasks, thus freeing up time for workers to focus on guest service and other jobs instead.

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Boost Hotel Cleanliness and Efficiency with Cleaning Robots

Another challenge the Hilton hotel faced was keeping up with cleaning standards in the industry. Rather than increasing the workload of their housekeeping team, they tried some cleaning robots to support their team by automating specific tasks.

Today, the hotel’s robotics sanitation fleet includes:

  • Window cleaning robot
  • Pool cleaning robot
  • Floor scrubbing & floor vacuuming robots


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With specialty features and consistently thorough cleaning, robots are more effective at eliminating pathogens and preventing the spread of germs. Not only have cleaning robots improved the hotel’s overall cleanliness, but with the benefit of being able to operate around the clock, they have also significantly sped up cleaning time and prevented workers from excessively dealing with cleaning chemicals.

Cleaning robots help hotel owners keep their staff and guests safe while also improving cleaning operations.

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Data from Hotel Robots Can Help You Make Business Decisions

A lot of the robots that Prospera Health and Hospitality Services (PHHS) and the Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh Airport Hotel work with have useful features. Besides bringing food to tables, waiter robots can also take orders and manage payments directly with your guests. When items are selected, the inventory gets updated and everything will be saved in performance reports.

The data provided by the robots’ software can give an insight into peak times and fluctuations throughout the day (or week or month). Whether we’re talking about occupied tables in a restaurant or rooms in a hotel, the data can offer great insight.

These findings can help create your next work schedule and product purchases, as well as help you set relevant goals and expectations for your staff and guests.

Interested in Robots for Your Hotel or Restaurant?

After an initial consultation, our team creates a cost estimate. This includes the specific robots we recommend, together with pricing. The combination of Prospera’s experience in the hospitality industry, and PHHS’s medical background helps decide which robots are needed for each individual property.

Getting to implement robotics in such a big, known hotel was an exciting challenge, but in collaboration with our sister company Prospera Health and Hospitality Services, we hit the nail on the head! We believe that the combination of food service robots, cleaning robots and some additional disinfection tools will continue to help the Hilton Hotel maintain medical-grade cleanliness while offering great service promptly.

If you’re looking to implement robotics into your hotel or restaurant, please reach out to our team for a free consultation.

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