Country Club Management Services

While golf carts and garden parties are important ingredients in an attractive country club, Prospera’s hospitality management experts help our partners ensure that the presentation is equally matched by service and research.

We always begin our management services by helping our country club properties invest in service. Each team member is trained to provide service that focuses on warmth, generosity and care. We also focus on team building, so that service providers have seamless interactions and provide a unified experience for guests.

Secondly, we use our decades of experience and research to evaluate where the best upgrades can be made. We take time to evaluate the costs versus the benefits based on customer surveys and analysis of the country club’s community. For example, in some locations, a new entryway can make a much bigger difference than a new pool feature, while in other places we’ve found it to be the exact opposite. We help our country clubs develop plans to manage costs sustainably over time.

Finally, we analyze current and past data and make recommendations about how to improve data collection and technology utilization going forward. From payroll services to POS devices to optimizing room occupancy, we offer streamlined methods to collect and interpret the data. We’ve found this to be another place in our country club management services that sets us apart from the rest.

Managing country clubs for long-term investment

While we do want guests to think of golf carts and garden parties when they think of our partners’ country clubs, we will help take the headache out of all the moving pieces that have to come together to make country clubs work efficiently. Country clubs are a special gathering place in a community, and when they’re exceptional, people often invest for generations.

Let our experience and dedication to service guide the next chapter of your country club’s future.

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