Hotel Receivership

Experienced, Flexible Hotel Receivership Management Services

Hotel receivers are short-term, third-party services appointed or hired to manage a hotel in order to protect its value as its ownership moves to a bank, loan entity or new investor. Many hotels are forced into receivership options, leaving banks, lenders and investors—some with hospitality experience, many without —in charge of immediately taking action to protect the value of a hotel.

Prospera Hospitality is uniquely positioned for hotel receivership. We can quickly and effectively make the operational changes required to protect the value of a hotel and put it on a path to profitability. Our hotel receivership services include:

  • Institutional-grade financial reporting, so any owner can see and understand the accounting and financial situation of the property at any time
  • Short-term contracts, with easy-in, easy-out terms, allowing for new or temporary owners to remain flexible with their assets
  • Options for a flat management fee or a traditional revenue-percentage fee, based on the preferences of the bank or new owner
  • Immediate actions that can improve cash flow, such as our credit-card processing system and payroll services, which can quickly and effectively improve operations even as an absentee borrower takes ownership


Successful hospitality management experience ensures smooth receivership

Prospera Hospitality’s management team has a combined 100 years of experience managing hotels. Unlike other property receivership companies, we specialize only in hotel management and restaurant management. We understand the hospitality industry and the unique challenges it has faced for decades. We’re big enough to have extensive experience and resources, but small enough to be nimble to move quickly and efficiently upon taking receivership of a hotel.

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