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Luxury Hotel & Resort Management

Prospera Hospitality has experience in managing branded and independent beach resorts, golf resorts, conference center resorts, boutique hotels and country clubs. We understand the importance of positioning an upscale property in its own unique niche, as compared to traditional limited and full-service hotels. To do so, our approach uses a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy, along with executing daily operations and connecting with the local community. Luxury hotel and resort management must go beyond guest expectations to create a memorable luxury experience, and we understand the nuances that go into making that happen.

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Luxury Hotel Development

Our decades of experience in hotel development and management for high-value properties allows us to provide a full-service, end-to-end service for our clients. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by hotels, country clubs and resorts and how to leverage those into effective resort operations. From recruitment to revenue management, we're able to optimize each aspect of a successful luxury hotel resort property.

Prospera takes a long-view approach when developing and managing high-end properties. We custom-build the resort management plan to perfectly fit clients' specific needs. We lean heavily on our accounting, banking relationships, forecasting, and budgeting expertise to provide the best financial management for each project. We cover the following areas in this plan:

  • Building teams: The ideal team for luxury hotels, resorts and country clubs deviates from typical full-service hotels. Every aspect of the guest experience must be perfect to earn their approval, and each employee needs to embrace a guest-centric mindset to best serve their needs.
  • Marketing and sales plans: A comprehensive sales and marketing plan positions the luxury hotel resort as a high-end destination and gives momentum to the property's reputation. Additionally, smart marketing helps retain and recruit new club members. This strategy uses a long-term approach that's designed to keep occupancy rates high and improve the long-term value of each guest.
  • Food and beverage operations: Food and beverage play a key role in a guests’ enjoyment of a luxury resort property or club, especially if it's positioned as an all-inclusive experience. From choosing the perfect menu for the property and market to creating a team that can deliver on brand promises, Prospera leverages its extensive experience in this part of hotel and hospitality management.

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Beach Resort Management

Beachfront property is appealing to many guests, but luxury hotels and resorts need more than a good beach to be successful. We identify opportunities to take advantage of a great seaside location through activities, luxury amenities, amazing food and beverage services, and elevated rooms to create a truly unforgettable vacation.

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Country Club Management

Country clubs require a sophisticated balance of top-tier service and exceptional properties and amenities. We offer country club management services that ensure members’ needs are heard and met, membership remains strong and engaged, and the property and reputation are secured for generations.

Country Club Management

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Golf Resort Management

Guests looking for the ultimate luxury golf resort getaway enjoy the finer things in life and want that reflected in their stay. From fine dining opportunities to impeccable service and accommodations, we offer ways to stand out from similar resorts to become a high-performing golf destination. 

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Resort & Conference Center Management

Existing conference centers, and large properties with the potential to become one, offer many exciting investment opportunities. From creating flexible conference spaces that can accommodate a variety of groups to offering on-site catering and food and beverage management, there is a variety of moving parts Prospera provides optimization for. 

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Boutique Hotel Management

Boutique hotels offer an experience that steps outside of the typical full-service hotel box to offer guests a truly unique stay. During the development process, potential franchise options are evaluated to determine whether they would be the best fit for the market, or if an independent approach is more sound. Each development plan is unique and leverages the strengths that boutique hotels can offer to guests and stakeholders alike. This includes both truly independent hotels as well as soft brands. 

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